Prayoga Creatives


Project overview

Prayoga Creatives is a multidisciplinary creative space offering dance classes and art workshops. The project involved creating a vibrant and user-friendly website that effectively represents the studio's energetic spirit, as well as designing a logo that captures the essence of both dance and art.

My contributions

I was involved in everything from defining the brand and personas, creating flows and wireframes, all the way to creating final UI designs as well as designing the logo.


~ Diverse Audience: Designing for both dance enthusiasts and art lovers, ensuring the website appeals to both groups.

~ Visual Synerg: Creating a unified visual identity that balances the dynamic nature of dance with the artistic world.

~ Clear Information: Presenting class schedules, instructor profiles, and workshop details in a straightforward manner.

Design Process


Qualitative Research

To understand the perspectives, behaviors, and pain points of prospective students and parents when using the website, I conducted one-on-one interviews in person, via video call, or over the phone.

Some questions were:

  • What specific information are you looking for when you visit the website?
  • How do you prefer to access information about classes, schedules, and events
  • What specific information are you looking for when you visit the website?

Competitive Research

Competitive research is a crucial step in the UX design process. It helps you understand what other similar websites are doing well and where they may be falling short.

We've conducted a competitive analysis, focusing on our top three competitors, to evaluate their strengths and weaknesses. This assessment allows us to formulate a strategic plan to identify areas where we can surpass our current and potential competitors, ultimately capitalizing on valuable opportunities in the market.


User Persona
Empathy Mapping


User Flow
Logo design and responsive variation
Style that attracts attention